Check mate: Swallow Hill chess club grows in popularity


The Swallow Hill Community College Chess League has seen an increase in the number of players to 34, writes Pat Doherty.

Reigning champion Gurkaran Singh was held to a stalemate by Kuwarjeet Singh in the opening week, which saw some shock results and some fantastic debut matches.

The students are improving their forward planning, critical thinking, mathematical ability, reasoning skills and logical processing. We have some very fine players and it should be yet another great chess season.

The participants are: Angelee Padam, Chloe Scoines, Amy McCarthy, Komanpreet Kaur, Jessica Smith, Lauren Garside, Sara Isma’il, Isa Isma’il, Farhan Iqbal, Sebastian Laski, Brandon Callaway, Adam Joyce, Callum Goodwin, Jean Kuadjo, Rhys May, Dominic Dudson, Kalbir Bhadal, Gurkaran Singh, Kuwarjeet Singh, Ariz Ibrahim, Abhijeet Singh, Jake Williford, Maverik Brooke, Fizaan Mohammed, Jamie Young, Umer Rashid, Kieran Nicholson, Connor Lydon, Daniel Jackson Stell, Jack Batley, Mohammed Hussain, Adam Hawkins, Matthew McGrath and Brooklin Hewkin.


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