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Celebratory game marks Stanningley Park Bowling Club’s long history

By Alyssa Randell

Stanningley Park Bowling Club will be commemorating its long history and heritage with an open to the public exhibition game on the evening of Friday, 28 June.

A team of current Stanningley Park players will pit themselves against a team of ex- players who were Stanningley juniors back in the 80s and 90s but have since moved onto other clubs.

It will be an opportunity to share stories of the past as well as celebrating its current success.

The club has been popular for over 100 years and been a key feature of Stanningley Park, as well as being successful within leagues across Leeds and Bradford during that time.

The last two years has seen the club have an incredible revival after the effects of lockdowns had reduced the membership significantly. Last season they took home six trophies and are hoping to retain some of those in 2024! The membership has continued to strengthen and the club now plays in eight leagues.

The gates will open at around 6pm with the actual exhibition game of 16 players ‘rolling’ off around 6.30pm.

The community is invited to come along to support and experience a fun and competitive evening of crown green bowling, even if you are not a player yourself. There will be food and refreshments available for a small charge, cash only.

The club will also be displaying some old team photographs and record books for those that have an interest and requests that if anyone has any photos of the bowling club from any point in it’s history then they can email them to or bring a copy along to add to the collection.

Keep up to date with the event ‘Stanningley Now Vs Stanningley Old Boys’ through the Facebook page.

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