Can you tackle Armley Park’s 161 ‘killer stairs’?

Armley's 161 'killer stairs'. Photograph from Armley Park 161 Killer Stairs Facebook page
Armley’s 161 ‘killer stairs’. Photograph from Armley Park 161 Killer Stairs Facebook page

Every Sunday afternoon a group of brave residents from across west Leeds descend on Armley Park to practice the keep fit practice known as ‘stair running’.armley park 161People get together to go and run the ‘161 Killer Stairs’ in the park in a bid to get fit.

Organisers say the session is suitable for people of all fitness levels, sizes, ages and genders.

Organiser Antony Newby said:

“The stairs are a great workout for you legs, your bum, your core and, most importantly, your heart as they give you a great cardiovascular workout too.

“Anyone can do it and there is no pressure to how many times you run them or walk them. Everyone is just doing their own little thing. Some walk, some run, some do different drills like bunny hops and sprints… there are lots of different variations of the workout you can get from running the Armley Park 161 Killer Stairs.”

Meet at Mike Tobins Gym for 1.45pm.

The event is fully insured, supported and licensed by Leeds City Council.

Check out the Armley Park 16 Killer Stairs page on Facebook for more.



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