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Can you support an older person with a homeshare in Armley?

A scheme which matches people who are older or who have a health condition to share with people who are younger and fitter has a rare vacancy in Armley.

Leeds Homeshare matches people with a sharer – a younger adult – who can provide support and companionship.

The sharer gets low-cost accommodation in exchange for offering up to 10 hours weekly help to the householder, such as cleaning, cooking or gardening.

Leeds Homeshare is offerinf a large affordable bedroom in Armley, sharing with a householder in their forties.

They are seeking a reliable and trustworthy sharer who can carry out some low-level household tasks and who can provide the reassurance of being at home most nights.

A spokesperson said:

“Leeds Homeshare recognise that knowing someone is there in the home with you can provide peace of mind. It’s a great way to spend time with someone from a different generation and be more actively involved in your community.”

The scheme, part of Leeds City Council,  also carries out background checks, provides a careful matching process and offers ongoing support to each Householder and Sharer.

One of their recent success stories was Margaret, who turned 100 last month. She said;

“I wanted a sharer so that I had the reassurance of someone with me in the house overnight. I get on well with younger people and I didn’t want to live on my own, I have a lot of life experiences and knowledge to give back to a sharer.”

The scheme is also welcome to expressions of interest from potential new householders who can offer their spare bedroom in exchange for having some support in their home.

Please contact Leeds Homeshare on 0113 3785410 or e-mail


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