Camera petition nets 1,800 signatures amid Bradford Road safety concerns

Bradford Road, at Thornbury Roundabout Junction. Image: Google

A concerned West Leeds resident has launched a petition for permanent cameras to be installed on busy Bradford Road.

People living in the Bradford Road area and Calverley & Farsley ward councillors have long raised concerns about road safety.

This week Abi Van Rensburg launched an online petition to improve the safety of the road. The petition had gathered more than 1,800 signatures as WLD published this article.

WLD has regularly featured concerns about the safety of the stretch of road between Dawsons Corner and Thornbury Roundabout. 

The petition can be found here.

On Monday a black BMW M2, which was being driven towards Pudsey, hit 26-year-old Joshua Wilson, from Leeds, as he was crossing the road after getting off a bus. Mr Wilson died at the scene. Police are investigating the incident.


  1. Normal speed cameras will not make the slightest bit of difference to this stretch of road, you will just get the same situation as on the outer ring-road/Stanningley bypass where these idiot drivers cane it, slow down for a few yards for the cameras, then its foot to the floor again. They need to consider an average speed system, on the stretch between Thornbury roundabout and the Barracks, then again on the stretch to Owlcotes roundabout. I won’t hold my breath.

    • Average speed cameras are a me a e. They force drivers to spend far too much time con entrating wholly on their speed rather than hazards. These drivers don’t care as ma y not legal in the first place, hence operation steerside by the police in Bradford. But anyone who drives in Leeds/Bradford/Keighley and looks at the drivers who ignore red lights/pedestrian lights/Lane discipline/mobile phone use will notice they’re vastly over represented by one demographic.

    • The drivers should seriously see the dangers driving like complete idiots its not a race track it is an utter disgrace all hours attitude


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