Calverley: Woodhall Road traffic measures a step closer to reality


A residents’ campaign for traffic calming measures down busy Woodhall Road has moved a step closer to reality.

Leeds City Council has recently consulted on proposals to tackle long-running problems with speeding traffic, including raised platforms, speed humps, a pedestrian crossing and a narrowed “gateway” near the mill entrance.

Calverley councillors Andrew and Amanda Carter and Rod Wood have written to Woodhall Road residents following the consultation. In a letter, they said:

“We are pleased to say that there is overwhelming support for the proposals from those consulted. A number of residents did make additional suggestions, particularly regarding the part of Woodhall Road running from the Golf Club to the commencement of the village, and Highways Engineers are looking at trying to incorporate some additional measures.”

Costings are being put together by the Highways Department, and then the appropriate orders will be placed. The councillors added:

“We would like to see the work commence during the summer, and be complete for the start of the school term in September, and that is what we have requested. However, given the speed at which these things move, we have been given no definite assurance, except that the Highways Department will try to get everything done within this timescale.”

The news has been welcomed on social media. Kate Etheridge said:

“Fantastic news – hopefully this will make drivers aware that Woodhall Road is not the race track they like to think it is.”

The measures follow a petition, which was handed to council chiefs last October.






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