Calverley school staff receive training boost

Calverley CE Skipton BS photo
Seated Dawn O’Hara with, at back, from left: Sara Wilkinson, Jon Hallas and Chris Minett

Senior leaders at Calverley CE Primary are using a coaching programme run by the Skipton Building Society to increase their skill level and improve communication inside and outside the school.

The programme is already having an impact on school life and elements of it will be used to teach resilience and communication skills to the other staff and pupils.

Dawn O’Hara, Deputy Headteacher, is the lead person for the Skipton’s Coaching for High Performance programme.

calverley c of e primary school
Forward thinking: Calverley C of E Primary School. Photo: Google

To gain accreditation, Dawn has to use her coaching skills with three other people and has chosen Assistant Headteachers Jon Hallas and Chris Minett and Phase 1 Leader Sara Wilkinson.
Headteacher Bob Curran said:

“We have a talented team of leaders at Calverley CE. We wanted to provide them with the best opportunities so they could be the best they could be for themselves and for the children.”

The programme has seven modules which coach people to develop their communication performance, increase self-awareness, improve their ability to find solutions, manage difficult situations, become more aware of responsibility and realise their full potential.

Skipton Building Society Leadership and Talent Lead, Bev Petrossian, said:

“This is one of a number of learning partnerships we are developing. The opportunity to work with like-minded individuals all seeking to raise performance through great conversations is both exciting and rewarding.”


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