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Calls for urgent action over dangerous driving along Farsley Town Street

By John Baron

Council highways chiefs have offered to meet traders and shoppers concerned over problems with speeding traffic on Farsley Town Street.

Concerns have been growing over problems with motorists driving at high speed along the street, which is home to the village’s shops, pubs, restaurants and other businesses.

Shopper Bridie Sheehan told WLD: “They drive down here at such speed sometimes – someone’s going to get hurt. It’s such a nice area with lovely shops, it’s a shame some people can’t respect that.”

Chris Roads added: “It won’t be long before someone is knocked down unless something is done.”

A trader, who asked not to be named, said: “People have said to me that they don’t feel safe crossing the road as people drive in an inconsiderate manner. Something needs to sort it out. Somebody said it ought to be pedestrianised but it doesn’t need all that. I think speed cameras and extra crossings are the answer.”

Councillors Andrew and Amanda Carter have called for urgent action from Leeds Highways department and are asking for an additional pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Town Street.

Cllr amanda carter
Cllr Amanda Carter

Councillor Amanda Carter (Cons, Calverley and Farsley) said: “We have spent years trying to ensure that Farsley Town Street remains the ‘jewel in the crown’ from the Parish Church at the top to the Cenotaph at the bottom. Increasingly traffic speeds, and more particularly dangerous driving on Town Street, has become an issue which needs dealing with.”

Andrew Carter Calverley and Farsley
Cllr Andrew Carter

Councillor Andrew Carter (Cons, Calverley and Farsley Ward) said: “Farsley Town Street is a big success story and we need action now to ensure people feel safe whilst walking, shopping and going about their daily business on Town Street. We have asked for an additional pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Town Street and also an urgent site meeting with Highways Officers to look at other measures that need to be taken. 

“In the meantime we need everyone to give proper care and attention to road safety, and let’s keep Farsley businesses and customers friendly, and most of all safe.”

peter carlill farsley
Concerns: Cllr Peter Carlill

Cllr Peter Carlill (Lab, Calverley & Farsley) said some drivers ‘had no consideration’ for : “Concerns about speeding on Farsley Town Street have been a long-term issue raised by businesses and residents, leading to many things being trialled in recent years, including the addition of the speed indicator devices and road lining changes.

“Data previously collected [in 2019] showed that while the majority of drivers were respecting the speed limit, there are some drivers that have no consideration for the speed they are going or the safety of their driving. This minority that are causing the danger are seemingly intent on breaking the speed limit no matter what is put in place, I believe leaving the local neighbourhood policing team as the best agency to respond to this criminal behaviour.

“Local councillors on the Outer West Community Committee have allocated additional funds to the local policing team for additional roads policing operations, and I have been keen to roll out a community speed awareness scheme with volunteers across the ward to support our neighbourhood police.

“Speeding and anti-social driving has increased both in the ward and right across the City since the pandemic, which led to Leeds introducing a new PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) covering dangerous and inconsiderate driving earlier this year to tackle the issue more widely. I’m also very happy to welcome the average speed cameras that are being installed on the ring road and A647 – the first to be installed on non-motorway routes in West Yorkshire.”

Leeds City Council say they are keen to work with the community on the issue. A spokesperson said: “We are aware of the concerns raised by local residents in relation to traffic on Farsley Town Street, and have offered to meet to discuss these matters in more detail in order to identify potential solutions. 

“We have already carried out a number of improvement schemes on Town Street and the surrounding area in conjunction with the local community, including road marking changes, new pedestrian crossings, a 20mph speed limit and speed bumps. We look forward to working with the community to explore what other measures could help address these current concerns.”

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  1. Calls for yet more cameras. You spend far too much time watching your speed rather than looking for hazards. The average cameras won’t stop the unlicenced, uninsured, registered to the driver. Which is why so many hit and runs on these roads. The late-night racers who are insured will just move to other roads. So, what then? More cameras. We’re now some of the most watched and monitored people in the world. The 20mph zones being rolled out countrywide are simply too slow in many cases. Hence the uproar in Wales.

  2. What a load of rubbish. It’s impossible to speed in Farsley due to the volume of traffic and all the SUVs dangerously parked at the side of the roads.
    People just love complaining for the sake of complaining.
    Give it a rest.

  3. Good to see this issue being taken seriously at last. I’m all for the new crossing but my understanding is that the place where they wanted to put it towards the bottom of Town Street had issues with sight lines. Hope it comes off but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Meanwhile. 80%of burglaries go undetected. Violent crime is out of control. You’re attacked in the street. Tough. Your home burgled, here’s a crime ref number. But creep over a arbitrary limit? All the powers that be will track you down. (if legal).

      • Oo a rant. I agree. Policing is at best poor and no independent regulation has teeth. They evoke zero confidence. Bradford needs the army when something kicks off. The few police we have do a few months of training and continue up the pay scale surpassing for example, senior nurses stuck on a vintage one, whilst still paying off their three year training debt. Nay, don’t get me started on men vs women issues. Or the bedlam of our once beloved NHS. But these enormous topics probably need a vote to vastly improve. The Greens look attractive don’t you think :h 20 mph seem measley compared to these probs ..

        • 20mph a political narrative. Nothing to do with safety. Easier to catch millions creeping over 20 than catching violent criminals. One raises revenue other costs.

  4. Totally absolutely 100% agree with speed cameras. It’s a well known fact the survival chances of a pedestrian hit at 20mph are higher. Cars driven slower don’t churn out as much co2. It doesn’t take too much longer to get from A to B so set off a tad earlier. It makes living in places so much more pleasant, so be decent to each other. Walk if possible . Cycle. And you want to live in a pleasant area where people passing through are considerate you sometimes have to enforce those decent behaviours on those who won’t comply because they do not consider others. Stick to a speed limit or get fined. Simples.

    • What next. 10mph? The trick is, not to hit people in the first place. Most of the crashes mentioned were illegal drivers. Hence trying to run away.

    • Until you get caught. We’re not robots. If you’re spending so much time watching your speed. You won’t see that child between those cars.

      • No we are human aren’t we.. And the sooner self driving cars come in the better, bring it on. However currently the considerate humans are in a habit of doing 30mph and don’t constantly check the speedometer for that. 20mph will become a habit too which is not unreasonable. The trick is to follow the rules of the road /law, not just about avoid missing someone.

  5. Unfortunately there are far too many idiots on our roads, driving too fast, with little consideration to anyone else, that’s why we have to install these various measures. I don’t really know what all the fuss is about 20mph zones, most of my driving is local, but that includes 30mph, 40mph areas as well as 60 and 70 mph on the ring road, yet my cars trip computer tells me my averge speed is 19.7mph anyway.

  6. Whether the speed limit is 20, 30 or 40mph if you stick to it then you won’t be contributing any revenue, and I don’t understand this view that you have to watch your speedometer more to stick to 20mph than any other speed. Its something that as a driver you should be well aware of anyway. As far as bus lane cameras go, again read the signs, basic driving awareness.

      • Until you get caught. You come home, your house has been ransacked. No police interest. But you’ve a nip on your doorstep. Day off work, your boss not happy, £100. Gone along with your belongings l. Congratulations you’ve continued to provide revenue.

  7. So why have Leeds Council made £1.2 million in one year from bus lane cameras alone, and have stated funding as a excuse for more cameras? 20mph is, simply too slow. Wales 440,000 petition against. 3000 for. At 20mph it’s extremely easy to go over, plus the leeway less so making it easier to fall foul. Anyone who says they stick religiously to these limits are either delusional, liars or dangerous.

  8. Most of the crashes on the roads to and from Bradford are illegal drivers. Hence so many trying to run away. Bradford is awash with cameras, yet we read of crashes daily. Cameras will catch Mr and Mrs dobbins coming back from the garden centre marginally over a too slow limit. But not no licence, insurance, registered to them Audi /BMW/Golf/Seat RR ra ing late evening.

  9. Well yes. I concur, the road to Bradford is to put it mildly, unregulated. There are some brainless, aggressive, peacocking twits. What’s the answer to that. Locals need to politely kick up a royal stink, repeatedly, loudly, like dogs with bones (think what would posh communities like Adel do? Doubtless it would be dealt with nice and rapidly).
    Back to Farsley, we’re talking about a narrow road in a (thankfully fantastic) thriving area, that people Care about and Use, it’s lined with great restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops. Speed limits need to be judged with these facts in mind. It makes very very good sense to have 20mph there. And if it needs enforcement – well so be it.


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