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Business sought to host lifeline cash machine in Rodley

An appeal has been made for local businesses to come forward to house a possible new cash dispenser in Rodley.

The financial inclusion programme at LINK has reviewed the lack of cash machines in the village and agreed to offer their support in delivering a free-to-use cash machine. 

The next step is to work with local business owners to find someone willing to house the cash machine, and these discussions are currently under way. 

Nick Quin, head of financial inclusion at LINK, said:

“We’re committed to supporting free access to cash for every community that needs it. We’re therefore grateful to Cllr Peter Carlill for getting in touch about a cash machine in Rodley, and we are currently working to find a practical solution to access cash locally.

“In the meantime, local residents can visit the LINK Cash Locator to find alternatives nearby – available at or via the App Store.”

peter carlill calverley farsley labour
Concern: Cllr Peter Carlill

Councillor Peter Carlill (Labour and Co-operative, Calverley and Farsley) said:

“I’m aware that a cash machine is something that residents of Rodley have been calling for for some time. I’m also aware that it has been raised many times before I was elected but hasn’t materialised – becoming something of a running joke among many in the village!

“I was therefore surprised when making enquiries that no-one had made an official request through the Financial Inclusion Programme at LINK, which works to improve access to cash by helping provide cash machines in communities that need them. After visiting the location I’m happy to say LINK agree that a cash machine in sorely needed in the village, and are keen to work with me to try to facilitate one.

“Rodley is a fantastic location, with many great assets such as the canal, the local pubs and a strong community spirit but over the years many of the local shops and services have just disappeared, meaning some of the essentials families need are no longer available.”

If you have a business in Rodley and would be interested in hosting a cash machine please get in touch at


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