Burley: Public meeting to discuss theft of historic paving slabs

Paving stone thefts are causing problems in Burley. Photo: Connor Briggs

By John Baron

A public meeting will will help lead the community fight back against the theft of historic stone pavements in Burley.

WLD reported earlier this year on residents’ concerns over ongoing problems with the theft of Yorkshire Stone pavements after 25ft stretch of pathway was stolen at the Lumley Road junction with Lumley Walk. Thefts have continued unabated and the public meeting will debate the problems.

Councillor Andy Rontree (Lab, Kirkstall) has organised the meeting for Monday, 9 October at 7pm at Burley Greenhow Community Centre, Haddon Road LS4 2HN.

A stone theft in Burley. Photo by Conor Briggs (April 2023)

Cllr Rontree said: “The Kirkstall councillors are appalled by recent incidents in Burley, where sections of our historic stone pavements have been stolen from our streets overnight. This puts pedestrians at risk and makes an unsightly mess, and local people and taxpayers are left to pick up the cost of repairing the damage.

“We’ve arranged a public meeting [where] we can tell you what the council is doing to tackle this, and we’ve invited council officers and local police to join us.

“But, just as importantly, we also want to hear from anyone with ideas on what we can do as a community to fight back against these crimes. Please come and share your thoughts with us?”

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  1. We had similar issues in Pudsey and have managed to put two of our locations on the smart water scheme currently run by Leeds City Council. Happy to pass on details if it will help.


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