Burley Park group appeals for vigilance following vandalism to historic pillars

burley park vandalism
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Volunteers from a West Leeds parks group have appealed for vigilance after historic stone pillars dating back more than 120 years were vandalised.

The Friends of Burley Park group made the appeal on social media – and encouraged anyone witnessing the vandalism to contact police immediately.

The group posted: “Someone is intentionally vandalising one of the park’s historic stone pillars along Cardigan Lane.

“This may be connected to the massive, recent theft of York Stone pavement in the area or it may just be people wanting to cause havoc. In any case, once this 120+ year old stone pillar is gone, it is never coming back.

“Please, please, keep an eye out for any suspicious activity if you live nearby or are passing the park at any time – day or night. If you see anything suspicious, call 999 to report an active crime. Thank you.”


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