Bramley Shopping Centre: Takeaway plans for former charity shop

bramley shopping centre takeaway plan

Bramley Shopping Centre’s new owners have submitted plans to turn a former charity shop unit into a hot food takeaway.

Sheet Anchor Investments 2 Ltd wants to change the use of the empty former RSPCA charity shop next to the Halifax bank into a hot food takeaway including installation of a new external extract.

Proposed opening hours would be 11.30am-10.30pm daily.

The building would be split into two distinct parts, with downstairs being the front counter area with seating for up to eight people, and a kitchen area. Upstairs will remain as existing with all welfare amenities, such as staff kitchen and toilet area.

A planning statement accompanying the application to Leeds City Council states:

“The proposal is sustainable in terms of its location and will provide a new food outlet supporting the mix of tenants already on site. The proposal will not have a negative impact on the vitality of the existing Bramley Shopping Centre given that the unit is vacant.

“Putting the unit back into beneficial use will result in an enhancement to the scheme and will be a positive benefit to the area providing new job opportunities for local people.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.

Bramley Shopping Centre is currently at the centre of an ongoing community campaign to reinstate all 22 benches removed by the new owners earlier this year. Eight benches have so far been reinstated.


  1. I would be interested to know what the other tenants of the centre think of this proposal, especially the neighbouring Halifax, and other food offering outlets, such as the chippy, Greggs and Costa?

    Obviously the letting of the unit benefits the landlord financially. Is there a benefit for the community, especially given those opening hours? Debatable. More details may be required.


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