Bramley: ‘Overly dominant’ mobile phone mast refused permission by planners

ganners way bramley
There mast would have been opposite St Margaret's Church in Bramley. Photo: Google

Plans for a 15-metre high 5G mobile phone mast and cabinet have been knocked back by council planners.

CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd wanted to site the new mast on Ganners Way, opposite St Margaret’s church, in a bid to boost mobile phone coverage in the area.

But a report from a council planning officer raised concerns over siting and its appearance and said:

“The proposal will be highly visible within the locality and appear overly dominant within its context of two-storey buildings (residential and ecclesiastical). Moreover, it sits within a wholly residential area and directly adjacent to housing.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.


  1. Thats good news. I hope the mast planned for Houghley Lane/Stanningley Road ( Opposite Venerable Bede) is also refused. I dont trust the radiation from them.

  2. We are really disappointed to find that now in 2022/23 that there is a mast in front of St. Margaret’s church in Bramley, in such highly densely populated area. It is very unsightly obtrusive and worrying. Why didn’t they seek to put it near the park, why in the midst of houses? when there is clear evidence that they can affect our health. Please take it down.


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