Bramley mural will celebrate local lives 

Mural plans: Full Circle Funerals in Bramley. Photo: Bevan Cockerill

By Jenni Moulson

An exciting community mural project in Bramley aims to create a lasting connection with people who have been part of the local area through the years. 

The initiative is being supported by Full Circle Funerals who have worked closely with Dean Patrick and Hannah Birch of Leeds 2023 Year of Culture and the Bramley community. 

The artwork will feature on the side of the funeral firm’s historic building, formerly the Globe pub. 

Volunteers have been meeting to develop their ideas for a community mural and are now looking for an artist to help them bring their plans to fruition. 

David Billington, community impact and sustainability lead at Full Circle Funerals, said one of the most popular ideas is that local people will be able to create individual leaf tiles to add to a tree on the mural. 

“We are hoping to arrange a series of mosaic tile workshops so that people can use this as an opportunity to create a mosaic leaf that represents either someone they have lost or their personal feelings connected with grief,” David said. 

“The workshops will give people space to have a conversation around bereavement and connection as they express their emotion through creativity.” 

David said the hope was that mosaic leaves could be added to branches of the tree over the next year. 

“If any of the tiles fall, this would be part of the natural life cycle of the installation, opening up space for others to get involved in the future so the art has a constant connection to the community over a number of years. 

“This isn’t something static, it will be a backdrop for an evolving community over time,” he said. 

If anyone is interested in designing the mural, contact before 15 July.

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  1. Lets hope it isn’t on the Town Street end of the building, there are enough distractions there, with the junction of three roads, and two badly sited pedestrian crossings to watch out for. Then there are the idiots in the row of cottages opposite who park their cars on the zig-zags for the crossing just to complicate things further ….


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