Bramley: Green light for new tattoo parlour

Shops on Whitecote Hill, Bramley. Photo: Google

Plans to turn a sweet shop in Bramley into a tattoo parlour have been approved by Leeds City Council.

Darren Ansbro, of Bramley-based Hard Lines Tattoo Studio, successfully applied to the council for a change of use of the property from retail to tattoo parlour.

In a design and access statement accompanying the application, they said the application was for a change of use only, and there would be no major structural changes made to the property.

They statesment said: “The property is currently used as a sweet shop and this is reflected in the existing colour scheme and signage which are brightly coloured. The only changes made to the exterior of the property would be painting the wooden door and window frames to dark grey and replacing the existing sign to a black sign with white and grey writing.

“This would make sure the front of the property blends in well with the existing businesses located beside which also use a similar colour scheme. We would also possibly be adding a “frosted” window graphic to the main front window to allow privacy.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.

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