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Bramley: Green-fingered volunteers help protect community centre from burglars

By Grace Cooper

Community group Bramley Care Bears took to the Moorside Community Centre in Bramley to deliver a free gardening session led by local volunteers.

Bramley Care Bears offer many community projects from food distribution sessions to gardening services all aiming to make a positive difference for the community.

Their gardening sessions were set up to help local residents who cannot look after their garden and have not got somebody who could do it for them. But they also take on community areas such as the Moorside Community Centre.

Bramley Care Bear volunteers took down hedges at the centre hoping to tidy the area but also to help with local surveillance and safety of the building following a recent burglary. 

Philip McConnell, one of Bramley Care Bears’ founders and gardening session lead, says he put the community centre “to the top of the list” of gardening projects the community group have, after hearing the request.

The Moorside centre project is one of many gardening sessions that the Care Bears have delivered, with Philip saying that he believed the Moorside community centre was the 70th gardening session so far this year. 

Philip said: “We have a brilliant team of volunteers. Bramley Care Bears want to make a positive difference for the community with the work that we do.

“Our sessions are a win, win, win with them bringing ‘exercise for yourself’ as well as new friendships and a real sense of camaraderie.”

Another gardening session volunteer, Nigel Wilkinson, said he got involved with Bramley Care Bears to put something back into the community and has continued to volunteer for them for over a year. He added: “It’s a worthy cause and the community in Bramley is brilliant.”

Bramley Care Bears’ gardening project is supported by the council with people being referred to the group by the Bramley Housing Office. The sessions take place in three-hour blocks every Tuesday and Thursday for local tenants.

The Care Bears are back at Moorfield tomorrow (Thursday) from 10am-1pm. New volunteers are welcome, but please register as a volunteer here.

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