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Bramley: Campaign aims to tidy Broadleas

Residents on an estate in Bramley are fighting the litter louts by organising community litter picks to take more of a pride in where they live.

The Broadlea Better Community Tenants and Residents Association is running the Keep Broadleas Tidy campaign in a bid to keep the state tidy and encourage people to drop less litter.

Local resident Phil McConnell said:

“This is a local ongoing campaign to raise the awareness of the completely unnecessary litter which is an eyesore and potentially sometimes a health hazard.”

Over on Facebook, residents are urged to identify litter hotspots which volunteers then tidy.

The spring clean will take place on Friday, 17 February, from 1.30pm, meeting at Broadlea Community Centre. All welcome to attend.

A garden makeover campaign t9o improve local gardens will also be running on the estate, again led by volunteers at the tenants’ and residents’ association:


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