Bramley Breezers on the run to deliver festive treat to vulnerable people

BrAmazon runners have been delivering to Bramley Elderly Action members ahead ion Christmas

By Jean Hollings

A West Leeds running group has helped to deliver Christmas love for Bramley Elderly Action (BEA) members. 

Back in May 2020 when the Covid pandemic lockdown effected everyone, running club Bramley Breezers joined forces with BEA by delivering activities, magazines and sunflower seeds to vulnerable and isolating people whilst social distancing. They ran their deliveries under the name of BrAmazon.

Over Christmas 2020, 2021 and now 2022 BrAmazon and BEA joined forces again to deliver gifts to their members. 

BEA had 30 Christmas bags to be delivered before Christmas 2022 to Bramley people who are vulnerable and unable to leave their homes. 

The gift comprised of items made at the BEA craft group and a chocolate orange. 

The packages were collected from BEA, and the Breezers ran/walked to their allotted address, dropped off their Christmas gift and a little chat with the person.

Photos: Antony Weston, Judith Armitage and Jean Hollings. 

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