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‘BrAmazon’ volunteers bring Easter cheer to older people

By Jean Hollings

What started as a supportive network during 2020/1 lockdown delivering books and jigsaws has continued with great success this Easter. 

Bramley Breezers (a local running club) joined forces again with Bramley Elderly Action to support older residents via the ‘BrAmazon‘ network of volunteers to deliver Easter gifts and eggs to 30 randomly chosen members. 

Bramley Elderly Action members decorated bags and knitted covers for Easter eggs and Preston Green, a local youth, did some fundraising events to be able to donate Cadbury Mini Eggs. 

Here are some of the photos from the deliveries.

Photos by by Lynn Beaumont, Jean Hollings, Amanda Jane De-Pledge, Fran Graham, Vickie Jamieson and Satty Virdee.

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