Belgrave Retail Park: New plans submitted for Stanningley development


Fresh plans for the new Belgrave Retail Park development in Stanningley have been submitted by developers.

The former Belgrave Electrical Works site on Town Street already has planning permission for eight shops and a new application to build an extra store has been submitted by Belgrave Retail Park Ltd this week.

A 22,000 sq ft supermarket for discount grocery chain Lidl already has planning permission for the brownfield site, which has been vacant for about 10 years.

Nine other stores proposed for the site include Poundland, The Vets, Card Factory, Barnardos, Greggs and Fultons.

Planning permission for a mixed use development of eight units was granted by Leeds City Council on 29 September 2016. The new planning application asks for permission for one extra unit, for the new Greggs store to open at 6.30am rather than the agreed 7am and for permission to include a veterniary business on the site.

A planning statement by DPP Planning said the proposal was ‘in essence the same as the [September] 2016 approval’. It says:

“The development will be high-quality inclusive design and it will improve the character and quality of the area. It is highly accessible by a choice of means of transport, including public transport, walking, cycling, and by car.

“In terms of traffic impact the proposed scheme would not have a material impact on the local highway network.

“The proposed development will also bring wider benefits to the area, providing an opportunity for inward investment, facilitating the provision of local jobs and aiding social, economic and physical regeneration.”

The planning statement can be read in full here:

Belgrave Works Planning Statement by John Baron on Scribd

The new retail park will create 130 jobs, the large car park will also serve existing local shops.

You can read the full proposals – and comment on them – on Leeds Planning Portal.

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  1. The going ahead with this development begs the question as to what diversions are in hand to the ludicrously named “Cycle Superhighway” ( i.e. the bike lane.)
    Similarly this same question, as to a save diversion, needs also to be asked of the similarly planned retail development nearer the City Centre in Armley.
    Or, as one suspects, these hazards have been swept under the carpet by our glorious City Fathers, like Councillor ‘what congestion? No problem!’ Lewis.


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