#awesomearmley – seven things visitors will love according to Twitter


There’s been a wealth of talk about Armley recently – most of it sadly revolving around the area’s problems, Town Street revival plans, hostility towards asylum seekers and anti-social behaviour.

So it was refreshing to see Armley resident Emma Bearman turn the conversation to more positive stuff through the @armleygoodstuff Twitter account this weekend. She’s looking to compile a guide about hidden gems visitors should see while in Armley. Emma tweeted:

There was an incredible response. Here’s our top seven Tweets:

1. Visit historic Armley Library

2. Run up Armley Steps in beautiful Armley Park

3. Skelton’s Butchers

4. Stocks Hill’s historic stocks

5. St Bartholomew’s and its organ

6. Jazz night at Conservative Club / Armley Mills

7. Armley Junk-tion

Follow the #awesomearmley hashtag for more.

What do you think? Any more ideas? Feel free to add them to the comments below.


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