Artist launches zine all about Kirkstall


Helen Dryden has worked with fellow artists to create a zine called Kirkstall Seen, writes Mindy Goose.

Her project aims to use art to showcase local knowledge and opinions about the area, and it is aimed at anyone living, working or passing through Kirkstall.

Helen and the participating artists have all lived in Kirkstall and feel that there are lots of interesting stories and issues to discuss, from flooding, and ghost stories, to housing, and retail development.

Helen is currently studying a Masters degree in Curation Practices at Leeds Arts University, and has lead the project as part of her studies. Geraldine R Montgomerie, Celia Forbes and Vanessa Guy have all provided artwork and creative writing for the publication.

Helen is encouraging readers to react to the artwork and to the questions about Kirkstall posed in the zine by writing or drawing in blank spaces provided, and then Tweeting responses to @KirkstallSeen. She is keen to collect local stories and opinions on the area.

You can pick up a copy of the zine throughout April, it will be available for free throughout many public venues in Kirkstall including Abbey House Museum, Unit 11 at Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Centre, and Aire Place Studios. Find out more about Helen’s creative practice on her website.

NOTE: This article has been edited to remove mention of the launch event, which has now been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.


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