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Armley’s Assembly House hosts artists’ discussion

By Freya Stewart

Assembly House in Armley is hosting a panel to reveal and share the experiences of local freelance artists.

If you’re keen to find insight on the intricacies of emerging artistry, want to learn more about your community’s artists or simply have two hours to spare, go to their panel discussion and Q&A tonight (Wednesday, 10 July).

From 6.30pm to 8.30pm, the Assembly House on 44 Canal Road in Armley, will have refreshments available with their panel including a break and a Q&A.

There to provide advice, insight and diverse perspectives on being a freelance creative will be Rosie Vohra, Amelia Frances Wood and Anne-Marie Atkinson are chaired by Anna Turzynski, as they hold an open discussion presenting the realities of their work.

With the aim of attracting a wider audience to inform about the life of an artist, the artists hope to open a conversation regarding the challenges and positives of their work, as well as to provide support to emerging artists who may have thoughts, questions or talking points which can be answered through their first hand experience.

Each artist brings their own experience – equipped with a plethora of practices ranging from painting, sculptures and photography to digital media – their extensive myriad of art mediums are inclusive to all who may be interested.

Rosie Vohra, drawing inspiration from a range of media such as literature, music and film, is a multifaceted artist based in Leeds who creates pieces and collages which predominantly address themes of identity, belonging, feminism, heritage and the contrasts between the human and non-human.

Throughout her life as an artist, Rosie Vohra has sustained her career with teaching, care work and scenic painting.

Amelia Frances Wood often chooses to work with earthly materials to create sculptures holding weighted memories.

Exploring creating ‘in-between’ spaces and considering ‘other worlds’ beyond the visible eye, her work depicts the connectivity we share to our earth.

Working as a freelance artist, Amelia Frances Wood has contributed to public sculpture commissions, exhibitions, teaching and running workshops.

Anne-Marie Atkinson focuses on photography, installation and digital media which strives to work with the underrepresented and to proactively address a variety of access needs to elevate inclusion.

She has also worked on a practice led phD, researching learning disabled people’s creative development and is currently a Fine Art Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The panel is chaired by Anna Turzynski, the Arts Director at Sunny Banks Mills who works to oversee artist studios and events as well as the gallery and shop.

Working on large scale cross-art forms, Anna Turzynski’s work brings art to unconventional spaces and aims to make it more accessible to people and through future generations in her industry.

The Assembly House is an artist-led community art organisation which provides affordable studio spaces, career support and skill-sharing to emerging artists.

Over the past ten years they have showcased a variety of art forms to their community from both pre-established and newly-emerging artists, presenting opportunities to all. Frequently looking for volunteers, the Assembly House hosts community projects to performers, educators and artists of all forms. They offer events, photo and video shoots, student projects and club events all for hire.

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