All Together Armley: ‘grotspots’ on the agenda

23 February 2016

Got a problem with dumped rubbish or grafitti in the Armley Town Street area? All Together Armley, a new residents’ group aimed at improving Armley, wants to hear from you.

All Together Armley has its latest meeting on Thursday at 6pm at Armley Conservative Club LS12 3NU.

Jason Singh, from Leeds City Council’s environment team, will be joining the meeting. Group member Glenn Broadbent said:

“We would like to hear from anyone who wants to raise environmental issues relating to Town Street. If people are unable to make the meeting they can e-mail us at with messages and photos of grot spots.”

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L27 says:

Again – why is it call ‘All together Armley’ when it is solely focussed on Town Street?

westleedslife says:

Good question – suspect it goes back to the work Rachel Reeves MP was doing around the Twon Street area last summer/autumn. Perhaps someone from All Together Armley would be able to answer here in the comments?

Jackie says:

We are called Alltogether Armley because we hope to bring all the people of Armley together to make Armley a better, safer place to live in.
The name was decided after a vote in the group