Armley Town Street: What would you change?


An Armley community group is asking local residents what they’d like to see change on Armley Town Street.

All Together Armley, a residents’ group which was set up to improve the area which had been blighted by problems with anti-social behaviour, is encouraging people to ‘aim high’.

Secretary Jackie Frith said the group was ‘looking to re-energise its focus’ on the original objectives and problems chosen by the community when the group was constituted. She said:

“To keep up to date with your views and opinions to drive our actions we would appreciate it if you would complete our online survey.

“Please get involved and play your part in influencing the change you want.

“Food for thought: when asked what single thing would you like, please aim high! How about a multi-agency building based on Town Street that could provide a visible and constant police presence while being able to host community events and be a meeting place for all? Get your thinking caps on.”

Follow the link here.

All Together Armley is the group behind Saturday’s Armley Festival.

armley festival 2016

All Together Armley is a community group working with Leeds City Council and other partners to improve Armley Town Street with an action plan focussing on community safety, the environment and community cohesion.


  1. Don’t open anymore continental shops or give alcohol licences. There is enough alcohol shops.. I were down town street Monday the first time for weeks I wasn’t followed by Eastern Europeans ..

  2. The above comment is indicative of the fear and paranoia afflicting people on Town Street. If it wasn’t such a serious issue I’d find Joan’s comment hilarious.

    Clearly ‘following people’ is something ‘only’ Eastern Europeans do!

    More likely paranoia based on ignorance and fear of ‘foreigners’ I’m afraid.


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