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Armley off licence application to be considered as local councillors object

Licensing chiefs will decide whether to approve an application to sell alcohol at a convenience store in Armley next week.

David Timothy Dodson wants to sell alcohol from the No Problem Convenience Store on Armley Ridge Road.

He has applied to Leeds City Council for a licence to seel alcohol on Monday to Thursday from 8am to 9pm, Friday 8am to 10pm, Saturday 9am to 10pm and Sunday 9am to 9pm.

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A previous application was refused by the council’s licensing sub-committee in October 2020.

Armley ward councillors have opposed the latest application on the grounds of public nuisance.

Tony Clarke, from JMC Licensing, is representing Mr Dodson during the application process. In a letter to the committee he expressed his surprise over the objection, saying there are 20 letters of support for the application and strict rules would be introduced over alcohol sales.

Rules would include no sales of single cans of beers, ciders and lagers, and all cans of beer, lager and cider over 7.5% would only be sold from behind the counter.

The application will be decided next Monday, 26 April, in the licensing sub committee meeting starting at 10am. The agenda and council papers can be viewed here.


  1. We don’t need yet another off licence in this area, we have enough….. Plenty in fact….. What we really need is a laundrette as since the old one burnt down to make way for yet another food market, we don’t have one. Armley has turned into a fast food, foreign food outlets, barber shops, has anybody else noticed this???????….


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