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Armley: More than 600 people sign petition to help lonely bachelor keep ‘celebrity’ geese

A petition has been launched calling on Leeds City Council to reverse their decision to ask a lonely bachelor to get rid of two pet geese he bought for company during lockdown.

Animal lover Sven Kirby, 34, has hand reared the birds from five days old after buying them for £40 each in June.

The birds – called Beep Beep and Norbert – have attracted media attention and are regularly spotted walking with their owner along canal towpaths and have even accompanied him to the pub.

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But their constant honking has led to complaints from neighbours in Armley.

An online petition is calling on the council to reverse its decision to issue a noise abatement notice. Petition organiser Leona McDonald said:

“Norbet and Beep Beep are adored not just by Sven, but also the locals. During this harsh pandemic they have brightened up many people’s days, and have become local celebrities. They have also been a major part of Sven’s life, keeping him company and a good (distanced) social topic for locals.

“Sven faces either a £5,000 fine by Leeds City Council, after noise complaints from neighbours, or he will need to rehome the geese.

“I am starting this petition so that Sven can keep the geese, as they are no different to dogs or young children with noise. There are soundproofing options that can be added to their enclosure, or other options that do not require the geese being taken away from him.”

At the time of writing, 680 people have signed the petition, which can be found here.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said:

“We take any issue regarding noise nuisance in our communities extremely seriously and will always investigate any complaints that are made.

“Complaints can range from various forms of anti-social behaviour to the playing of music or loud noise of animals and birds.

“If following an investigation the level of noise is found to be of a consistent and unacceptable level a warning letter will be sent to the householder.

“This can include in some cases the serving of an abatement notice that requires steps to be taken by the householder in a reasonable timescale to reduce the noise.

“If no steps are taken, further action may be taken by the council. Anyone served with an abatement notice can appeal the decision if they wish to do so.”


  1. This is ridiculous! Many dogs cause far more noise than geese, children can be even worse, constant noise from traffic can be unbearable, when neighbours use power tools we can’t hear for part of the time. I don’t pay council charge so that pets can be eliminated. Our hens can make a loud noise when they’re alarmed but only one person (with a yapping dog) complained.


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