Armley Junktion: 126-hour Christmas marathon supports needy


Armley Junk-tion cafe is set for marathon opening hours this Christmas in a bid to help those less fortunate.

The paty as you feel cafe, which is part of the Real Junk Food chain that rescues good food which would normally go to waste, is set to open for 126 hours straight between Wednesday, 23rd December, until Monday, 28th December

And volunteers are needed to help the cafe maintain its 24/7 festive opening hours.

A spokesperson told The Dispatch:

“It’s aimed at people who may be homeless, or who don’t have much money, or who may be alone this Christmas period. We’re always open to all and Christmas we’re needed more than ever, and we’re happy for people to spread the word.
Let’s makes sure no one is alone this Christmas in Leeds.

“We need volunteers to help us out, people to sleep over, hands to help serve drinks and food and much more.”

Anyone and everyone is welcome. Contact the cafe directly to help on 0113 318 1844, or email

Donations are always welcome to support the cafe during this period.

The cafe has recently opened a new coffee bar as part of a mini-refurbishment at its premises in Chapel Lane, Armley.


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