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Armley: Housing plan for ‘eyesore’ former electricity substation site

A former electricity substation plot next to railway tracks in Armley could be transformed into three houses, if plans submitted to Leeds City Council are approved.

Detail Architects have submitted the proposals for the three-storey, brick-clad terraced houses with courtyard gardens and small terraces in Kilburn Road.

A planning statement accompanying the application states:

“In recent years the site has commonly been used for fly-tipping to the detriment of the character and appearance of this part of Armley and is an eyesore locally.

“The applicant has worked collaboratively with Leeds City Council’s environmental health team to deter fly tipping on the site and officers have confirmed they would support re-development of the site to prevent the fly-tipping occurring again and improve its appearance.”

The report concludes: “The proposal provides a high quality of design and private external amenity space for residents whilst delivering new homes in a sustainable location. The siting, scale, height and location of windows have all been assessed in detail during the design stages to prevent any overlooking and maintain privacy.”

Due to the proximity of the dwellings to each other, the main windows would face directly onto the street with no ‘defensible’ space. As a result, entrances are located to the side of the properties.

The proposals are the latest in a series of unsuccessful proposals for the site, which have previously included housing and blocks of flats.

The plans can be viewed in full here.


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