Armley Grange: Grade II listed building to be sold at auction

armley grange
Aerial photo of the Armley Grange site. Photo: Google. Map: Keely Bannister

Armley Grange – a Grade II listed house built in the early 19th century – will be sold by auction after being deemed surplus to requirements by Leeds City Council, writes Keely Bannister.

The 0.54 hectare site comprises the main listed building which has been vacant since March 2017 and a single storey, 1960s annexe which will be empty shortly when the current occupants relocate.

No suitable alternative council use has been identified for the building, making it surplus to requirements. 

A council report states that its disposal represents ‘prudent and economic’ asset management: 

“The property is surplus to Council requirements and no operational reason has been identified to justify its retention. 

“In these circumstances, its disposal represents prudent and economic asset management, obviating holding costs associated with managing the property and therefore supports the best value objectives of the Council.”

The report goes on to explain that the sale will save the council money by avoiding having to pay any future maintenance costs.

Possible uses for the main listed building are noted as continued office use or conversion to residential use with a single storey annexe, which was added in the 1960s, suitable for demolition and replacement by a new building.

Jim Mckenna armley
Cllr Jim McKenna

Armley ward councillors were consulted on a proposed sale of the Armley Grange Drive site in December 2017 with no objections given, but Councillor James McKenna did request that the open space within the site and the character of the building be preserved:

“Ward members were consulted on 8 December 2017, regarding the proposal outlined in this report.  Councillor James McKenna replied on the same date advising that he did not object to the sale, but felt there should be a planning brief / condition to ensure the open space be preserved and the character of the building retained and protected. 

“Now former Councillor Alison Lowe replied on the same date supporting the views expressed by Councillor McKenna. A reply was sent to all Ward Members on the same date outlining that planning and conservation advice was being sought and this would be included in the marketing information.”

The main house was last occupied by the Alzheimer’s Society as day centre and offices until they left in March 2018 .

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