Armley Festival set for the sound of Samba

Photo: Glenn Broadbent

Pupils from St Bartholomew’s, Castleton and Five Lanes primary schools have joined forces to form a 45-strong Samba band – and they will play at the Armley Festival at 12.30 on Saturday 21st July..

The pupils started learning after school three months ago and they held their final rehearsal on Thursday evening.

They learned dance, drums and song in the sessions lead by Alex Wilbrew of Leeds City Council who said:

“The commitment and skills shown by this group has been outstanding, it has left a lasting impression on me.”

Shaan, from Castleton, said she was looking forward to playing in front of loads of people and the teachers have been kind and fun.

Dulcia, from St Bartholomew’s, said she has learnt to play instruments she hadn’t played before, while Gracie from Five Lanes said she was really excited about being in the band.

All the pupils agreed they had made new friends by being involved.

More details about Saturday’s Armley Festival 2018 can be found here.


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