Armley councillors oppose new off-licence application

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Armley councillors have opposed an application for a new off-licence off Branch Road.

Lietuvaite Shop Ltd has applied to Leeds City Council for permission to sell alcohol off premises daily from 9am to 9pm.

But Armley’s councillors – Lou Cunningham, Jim McKenna and Alice Smart – have opposed the application, saying to grant another alcohol licence would impact the work that is already being done to reduce the levels of street drinking and anti-social behaviour seen in and around Armley Town Street.

They say there is a legally enforceable Cumulative Impact Policy which gives the council powers to refuse applications to sell alcohol within the Armley Town Street area. The councillors added:

“There is widespread community reporting that people do not always feel safe visiting Armley Town Street and the perceptions of anti-social behaviour associated with drug and alcohol use are widely documented.

“As we emerge from lockdown we want to encourage our communities to return to Armley Town Street and support our local businesses. We will continue to work with our police teams and council teams on all aspects of community safety and in doing so strongly object to the granting of another alcohol licence within the vicinity of Armley Town Street.”

People can comment on this licensing application here using reference number PREM/04738/001 or by e-mailing


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