Armley councillors and Rachel Reeves MP issue statement over Stanningley Road crash

A stock photo of where the crash took place. Photo: Google

Armley’s councillors and Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves have written to highways officers and police to discuss road safety at a junction after a 62-year-old man died when a car crashed into a bus stop.

At 3.13pm yesterday (Monday, November 20) officers were called to reports that a vehicle had been in collision with a bus stop along Stanningley Road. One of the pedestrians, a man aged 62 years old, was pronounced dead at the scene. Two other pedestrians were taken to hospital with minor injuries.    

Councillors Jim McKenna, Andy Parnham and Alice Smart, along with Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves, said in a statement: “We were devastated to hear about the fatal crash that took place on Stanningley Road yesterday near to the junction with Armley Grange Drive. 

“Our thoughts are with everyone directly affected by this tragic event and their loved ones. 

“Whilst there is a police investigation ongoing to determine what has happened, [we] have written to senior highways officers and West Yorkshire Police to urgently discuss road safety at this junction. The highways team have already agreed to install a speed camera on this stretch of road after we called for this earlier this year. 

“We have previously requested additional safety measures on this stretch of road including implementing a 30mph zone, something we have urged officers to consider again. We will ensure the community is updated as soon as we have answers.”


  1. A 30mph limit would not make a blind bit of difference to the totally selfish and ignorant morons who cause these tragic accidents. That vehicle was obviously doing far more than the 40mph limit already in place to cause such damage and loss of life. People like that just don’t care about speed limits or causing accidents, they think they’re ok in their fancy metal boxes, they can do what they like. Maybe we should have some real sentencing deterrents instead of the usual driving ban (useless) and 3 years in jail. Causing death by any sort of dangerous driving – speed, drink, drugs – should be a mandatory life sentence of at least 20 years! My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the innocent victims who were just going aboit their business before that imbecile took to the road.

    • I had tried to leave exactly the same comments, but forsome reason it was dis-allowed.
      I completely agree, 40 mph is an appropriate speed for a road such as this, its straight, good visibility, etc so changing the limit won’t make a scrap of difference to this sort of tragic incident. The councillors and Rachel Reeves would be better concentrating their efforts into overhauling the dire Criminal Justice system we have, which would benefit everyone.

  2. Quite agree that the speed limit will not affect the sort of driver causing accidents like this.
    At Stanningley Rd / Cockshot Lane the other day a car overtook stationary traffic at red lights….!
    In my experience It’s the same with the awful speed bumps causing suspension problems with cars of responsible drivers who know how to drive within limits whereas the speeders don’t seem to care and still ignore set limits.

  3. When was the last accident at the same bit of road ( not the whole of Stanningley road). From what i have read, it wis not the road conditions [that are the issue]. It does not matter what safety measure you apply, if someone is drunk or been taking drugs and driving any kind of vehicle, accidents will happen. Unfortunate for the people involved, but we are all at risk when near moving vehicles. Even when we are on a zebra or pelican crossing we are at risk, although i will admit i was not expecting a bus stop to be involved. Speed restrictions, traffic lights, speed bumps etc will not stop a drunk/drugged driver. Don’t penalise the good drivers, get the drunks/druggies off the road.

  4. Speed cameras don’t catch all the other poor driving habits. The only way is to implement more police out on the roads.


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