Armley Conservative Club seeks new blood – or faces closure


The uncertain future of Armley Conservative Club will be discussed at a special general meeting later this month.

The meeting is being held after a proposal of no confidence in the committee was tabled at the club’s annual general meeting last month, with concerns raised over low attendance at entertainment nights.

Three committee members stood down, leaving the positions of president, vice-president and treasurer vacant and needing urgent filling.

A notice posted by trustees said:

“If there are no nominations in place the trustees will have no option but to CLOSE the club completely.”

The trustees have called a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held at 8pm at the Armley Conservative Club on Thursday 17th August.






  1. I used to go there. The problem is some regulars didn’t like new faces and if you sit at a table that so and so usually sits at -its cold stares and whispers all night. Don’t know if this is still a rule, but woman aren’t allowed to play snooker either.


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