Armley composer to perform his work at Glastonbury

From Armley - to the Glastonbury stage

Armley composer and performer Sam Thornton is taking his 12-piece band Intergalactic Brasstronauts to the Glastonbury festival this year.

They will be performing to thousands of music lovers on the Truth Stage, which has previously hosted artists such as Sleaford Mods, Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show and Idles.

“This is a big deal for us”, said Sam. “We’re a new band, and this is our first year of touring. We didn’t pick the best time to start a band, during lockdown when venues were all closed, so we’re making up for lost time now.

“The majority of the venues we’ve performed at so far have been small, and we’ve struggled to fit all 12 of us on stage, so we’re delighted to be given opportunity to perform on a huge stage at such a prestigious festival. Hopefully this is the big break we’ve been looking for.”

For those with Glastonbury tickets, you can catch Intergalactic Brasstronauts on the Shangri-La Truth Stage, at 4pm, on Thursday, 23 June. They will also be performing at Wilderness, Camp Bestival and Underneath The Stars festivals.

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