Photographed: My walk around Kirkstall and Bramley


Bramley resident Daniel Tavet takes us on a walk from Kirkstall, through Rodley and to Bramley in a bid to improve his health

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. One of the things that keeps it under control is thirty minutes of daily walking.

Walk Leeds Liverpool Canal towpath 2
Leeds Liverpool Canal at Horsforth. Photo: Daniel Tavert

I haven’t been much of a walker for years, so it’s a bit of challenge!

I think it’s fair to say that most people get into a habit of not exercising and struggle with motivating themselves to overcome this.

Some exercise with a companion or focus on how their fitness levels need improving. Some listen to their body’s messages. Others write notes to themselves and put them somewhere prominent to remind themselves.

You may have heard people say that walking is the best exercise and raises mood.

It can also help you think, so you may have insights into something bothering you while you are walking.

If you meditate, you can practice meditations designed for walking.

And of course, if you are taking a scenic route, you can be uplifted by your surroundings and perhaps make a well needed re-connection with nature.


  1. There is a great 3 mile walk around Rodley and Newlay on the canal towpath and by the river, gentle incline in most places and lots of places to stop for a rest.


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