Kirkstall Art Trail launches sustainable fashion show

Photo and upcycled clothes by Lucy Howell Saffron Skies

By Mindy Goose

Kirkstall Art Trail 2024 is launching its first sustainable fashion show, ‘Gaia – Mother Earth Fashion Re-made’.

On Sunday 21 July, trail volunteers are turning the Nave of Kirkstall Abbey into a catwalk to host 20 local designers. They invited local residents to take part, with the challenge of transforming second-hand clothes into fabulous new outfits. 

Each of the designers has a budget of up to £30 to spend at Kirkstall’s Cancer Research Superstore. With many of the items at only £3, that budget will go a long way. Choosing their own model, whether a friend or a member of the family, they are not limited to who can wear the clothes. Kirkstall Art Trail is creating a culture of inclusion, anyone can sashay down the catwalk. 

The show comes with a powerful message for everyone, hence the reference to Mother Earth. At a time when the fashion industry is estimated to be the third most polluting industry in the world. It is a timely reminder that changing our lifestyle habits, to help out planet, is crucial. But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything, it means more cash in you pocket and a great wardrobe.

Gaia – Mother Earth Fashion Re-Made is showing at 2pm on Sunday, 21 July, 2024. The Nave, Kirkstall Abbey. Free entry.


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