West Leeds planning applications: May 13 2019


Over the previous three weeks Leeds City Council have validated 195 planning applications, for sites across the Leeds area. Of these, seven are applications for listed building works, writes Jim Corah.

Below are the applications that apply to the Wards that are covered by West Leeds Dispatch. Members of the public and community groups all can have a say in the planning process, and planning applications can be found by searching the planning portal: https://publicaccess.leeds.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple&searchType=Application

Links are provided for all of the applications below.


Two storey side extension; single storey rear extension
66 Raynville Road Bramley Leeds LS13 2RG
Ref. No: 19/02651/FU | Status: Current

Single storey extension to side and rear, Juliet Balcony to rear, new windows to side; Outbuilding to rear 
61 Kirkstall Avenue Bramley Leeds LS5 3DW
Ref. No: 19/02316/FU | Status: Current

Eleven houses, one block of four bungalows with staff facilities and one block of twelve flats with one staff accommodation unit 
Land Off Cockshott Lane Armley Leeds
Ref. No: 19/01670/FU | Status: Current

Bramley & Stanningley

Dormer windows to front and rear
61 Hough Lane Bramley Leeds LS13 3PS
Ref. No:  19/02378/FU | Statusv Current

Calverley & Farsley

Outline planning application including means of access for employment development (B1, B2 and B8 uses) – NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 17/02885/FU – some conditions to be amended – condition 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24 – including the construction of the access road, condition 7 – excluding the construction of the access road;
Land Off Gain Lane Thornbury Bradford
Ref. No: 19/9/00127/MOD | Status: Current

Demolition of the existing bungalow and the construction of a replacement dwelling 
Farandale 56 Clara Drive Calverley Pudsey LS28 5QP
Ref. No: 19/02683/FU | Status: Current

Single storey side and rear extension 
27 Ravenscliffe Road Calverley Pudsey LS28 5RZ
Ref. No: 19/02682/FU | Status: Current

T1 Beech – Crown reduction of 1x large Beech tree by 50%. Beech tree originally would have been planted as hedging but has been neglected. T2 Beech – Crown Reduction by 50%. Tree has grown and is causing issues to garage. T3 Hawthorn – Crown thinning by 20%, to allow emergency works to garage, will be sympathetically pruned in proportion with Beech Trees. T4 Hawthorn – Crown Reduction by 50%, to allow emergency works to garage, will be sympathetically pruned in proportion with Beech Trees. 
22 Broad Street Farsley Pudsey LS28 5JD
Ref. No: 19/02540/TR | Status: Current

Listed Building Application to replace single glazing to ground floor rear window with double glazing with one to be opening; replacement glazing (one panel to be opening) to both first floor rear windows; replacement glazing to existing rooflights
14 Woodhall Hills Calverley Pudsey LS28 5QY
Ref. No: 19/02527/LI | Status: Current

Two storey side and single storey rear extension 
6 Farfield Rise Farsley Pudsey LS28 5HR
Ref. No: 19/02458/FU | Status: Current

Addition of one storey to dwelling, to form first floor 
20 Foxholes Crescent Calverley Pudsey LS28 5NT
Ref. No: 19/02412/FU | Status: Current

Change of use of former coach house to form residential dwelling 
Glenhurst Thornhill Drive Calverley BD10 0NJ
Ref. No: 19/02224/FU | Status: Current

Farnley & Wortley

Change of use of shop with living accommodation above to two flats and alterations including installation of boundary wall and gate
125 Upper Wortley Road Upper Wortley Leeds LS12 4JN
Ref. No: 19/02624/FU | Status: Current


Single storey extension to rear
15 Vesper Court Drive Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3NZ
Ref. No: 19/02688/FU | Status: Current

Change of use of Dry Cleaners (Use Class A1) to a Hot Food Takeaway (Use Class A5) 
309 Burley Road Burley Leeds LS4 2HY
Ref. No: 19/02686/FU | Status: Current

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 6 and 12 of Planning Application 17/08353/FU
Site Of Former Merry Monk Public House Kirkstall Hill Kirkstall Leeds LS4 2TX
Ref. No: 19/02636/COND | Status: Current

Proposed dormer window to front 
9 Stanmore View Burley Leeds LS4 2RW
Ref. No: 19/02615/FU | Status: Current

Front dormer 
59 Beechwood Terrace Burley Leeds LS4 2NG
Ref. No: 19/02602/FU | Status: Current

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for an extension to Gable and Dormer window to rear; Rooflights to front
45 Vesper Walk Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3NQ
Ref. No: 19/02089/CLP | Status: Current


Single storey side extension 
1 Heath Grove Pudsey LS28 8HP
Ref. No: 19/02753/FU | Status: Current

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a Dormer window to rear; Rooflight to front
37 Roker Lane Pudsey LS28 9NA
Ref. No: 19/02733/CLP | Status: Current

Consent, agreement or approval required by condition 3 of Planning Application 19/00314/FU
The Coach House 29 Hough Top Swinnow Leeds LS13 4QW
Ref. No: 19/02649/COND | Status: Current

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 3, 4 and 7 of Planning Application 18/06842/FU
Owlcotes Business Centre Varley Street Stanningley Pudsey LS28 6AN
Ref. No: 19/02639/COND | Status: Current

Alterations to existing house involving formation of two detached houses 
102 Smalewell Road Pudsey LS28 8HU
Ref. No: 19/02606/FU | Status: Current

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of approval 16/03420/FU for MINOR MATERIAL AMENDMENT to increase the size of the porch to side 
7 Park Spring Rise Swinnow Leeds LS13 4DX
Ref. No: 19/02591/FU | Status: Current

Addition of one storey to Bungalow, single storey rear extension and detached Outbuilding to rear 
49 Tyersal Park Tyersal Bradford BD4 8EY
Ref. No: 19/02491/FU | Status: Current

While every effort is made in collecting the information above, omissions may still occur.


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