West Leeds residents asked to support toy appeal


Over 40 million toys end up in landfill every year, and we’re not just talking broken toys, writes Deb Ward.

With increasingly busy lives, and as our children rapidly outgrow them, it’s so hard to find time to donate unwanted toys to charity shops or pass them on to friends. Instead, it’s easier to pop them (albeit with a lot of guilt) into the wheelie bin, where they become someone else’s problem down at the local landfill.

At West Leeds Mumbler, we wanted to find a way to do our bit to combat this but also have a bit of fun at the same time.

Kids love a new toy. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be new. Ever noticed how when you go around to someone else’s house, your kids go wild for their toys? Even if they’ve got the same one at home!

This sparked a thought in our head, wouldn’t it be brilliant if we all just swapped toys between us, rather than throwing them away.

So, we’ve launched the Mumbler Toy Exchange. A great way to help your little ones get a new toy, whilst helping you pass on toys your child has outgrown, in a hassle-free way.

How it works

As part of Mumbler Toy Exchange we’re providing boxes of pre-loved toys, free to local businesses, to host a toy exchange.

All those using the box then need to do is simply donate one of their old toys to the toy box next time they’re passing and they get to take a new one home for free. It’s a great way for little ones to get something new to play with whilst out and about, and it helps others.

We ask that any toys donated are safe (check that they have the CE mark if unsure), in good condition and with all their working parts included. West Leeds Mumbler cannot take any responsibility for the toys in the box.

You can find our boxes at

Lainey’s Tea Room – Gott’s Park Golf Course, Armley Ridge, Bramley LS12 3NP.
Hall Park Cricket Club – Hall Park, Hall Lane, Horsforth LS18 5JE
Love & Light Tea Room – 3 Stanningley Road, Armley LS12 3AP
Farsley Farmers Market (During Sep & Oct) – Farsley Parish Church, New Street, Farsley LS28 5DJ
The Rainbow Factory – GATE 3 / Springfield Commercial Centre, Bagley Lane, Farsley LS28 5LY
Armley Leisure Centre – Coming soon

We are always looking for more local businesses who’d like to host an exchange. We’ll drop off a full box of toys for free and replenish it if and when needed. Just contact us with your details.

Occasionally we may make appeals to collect toys for our boxes. If you have toys you can donate please contact us here.


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