West Leeds floods: Kirkstall cleans up – day two


Volunteers have again taken to the streets of Kirkstall today to help with the post floods clean-up.

“They’re heroes, every one of them!” one Kirkstall Road trader told The Dispatch this afternoon. “So many strangers offering to help, it’s been incredible. I can’t begin to thank everyone.”

As the clean-up operation hit full swing today along Kirkstall Road, council leader Cllr Judith Blake said:

“Leeds has suffered a lot in the floods and we are doing everything in our power to help people and businesses get back on their feet. We’re not going to be back to normal overnight, but it’s humbling to see what a tremendous community spirit we have in this great city of ours. Leeds should be very proud.”

Meanwhile the Met Office has warned of more heavy and prolonged rain for Leeds tomorrow, A statement added

“Please be aware of the potential for moderate levels of disruption in places from both surface water and river flooding.”

Leeds City Council has sourced several thousand extra sandbags to have on standby should flood problems return. The council stressed that they are not available on demand and will be allocated according to Environment Agency guidance.

Further clean-ups are planned in the area for tomorrow.

Here’s how today’s clean-up operations went, as told by volunteers on Twitter:


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