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West Leeds: Council reveals 2020 football and bowling green price increases

Leeds City Council is raising the cost of hiring football and cricket pitches, and playing bowls across the city.

The authority is introducing a three per cent rise in its prices from 6 January 2020 in a bid to manage costs more effectively.

It is proposed that a 3% rise be applied to the cost of hiring both football pitches and changing room facilities across the city.

The net result will be an increase in the cost of hiring a senior grass pitch for football, rugby union and rugby league to £660 per season for adult teams. This equates to an increase of 5p per game.

It is proposed that the casual use of bowling greens will increase by 3% in line with inflation to £2.32 for a morning, afternoon, or evening bowling session.

A council report authorising the new charges adds:

“Failure to ensure that cost of service increases in line with inflation will result in an expansion of the existing level of subsidy, which when considered in line with the present budgetary pressures within the service and directorate would constitute a notable budgetary risk.

“These price changes come as part of a wider aim across the Council to reduce its budget in line with cuts and make its services more sustainable.

“The proposed revised charges will help to contribute towards the cost of keeping the sports pitches, bowling greens, golf courses, changing rooms, major visitor attractions and parks up to standard. “


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