Volunteers create a ‘corridor of colour’ in Armley

Volunteers have been busy planting a 'Colour Corridor'. Photo: Paul Abraham

By Paul Abraham, www.theartfulrambler.com

Volunteers have started wok on a ‘Corridor of Colour’ by planting colourful flowers and plants that are good for the environment and biodiversity.

The Corridor of Colour includes art and colourful benches, and is a project funded through the Neighbourhood Match Funding Project, which is a part of the government’s Levelling-Up fund. For every volunteer hour given to the project, they can raise £10 towards the goal of creating a corridor of colour through Armley.

The project began in July with a series of consultations with local people and organisations. Asking the question what they would like to see in Armley and what would they like to be involved with? They gathered all the ideas and then put them out to vote, those who took part in the vote chose community green space and growing and to have a corridor of colour through Armley.

The corridor runs from New Wortley Community Centre, down Clyde Walk through Jaily Fields up past Ley Lane up Town Street and up to Christ Church, but hopefully, there will be pockets of colour in other parts of Armley.

The chance to raise funds for the project ends at the end of February and they are looking for volunteers to get involved to help them raise as much money as possible, they have the opportunity to raise up to £10,000. Currently, they have raised nearly £1,600.

So far they have managed to plant 2,600 bulbs in Armley with the help of volunteers and local organisations including New Wortley’s Urban Task Force, Armley Action Team alongside Armley in Bloom and Armley Common Rights Trust. They have also had support from local Energy Firm Engie through volunteer hours given to the project.

They would love for volunteers to get involved with the big Litter Pick which will take place Wednesday, 24 January, starting at New Wortley Community Centre, meeting at 11.30am and walking up towards Armley Moor Picking Litter along the way!

You can also help by attending the monthly Community Voice group. The next meeting will be on Thursday, 8 February, 5pm to 6pm and Armley Hub and Friday, 9 February, 1pm to 2pm, at New Wortley Community Centre. 

There will also be the opportunity to get involved in mural painting and family wildflower workshops at the library (with free seed packets to take away) before the end of February.

If you would like to come along or find out more information, get in touch with Victoria.kortekaas@newwortleycc.org or just pop in to Armley Hub for a chat with Victoria on Mondays, from 9am–12pm.

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