Visitors welcomed to Bramley parkrun for Cowfest 2022

Bramley parkrun cowfest 22
Cowfest cam to Bramley parkrun this weekend. Photos: Simon Cullingworth

By Jean Hollings

Photos: Simon Cullingworth

If you went to a sunny Bramley Park on Saturday morning you would have been in for a very big surprise.

Parkrun tourists were visiting, in an event known as Cowfest North 2022, which included a life-size blue and yellow cow. 

It was good to see visitors wearing their home parkrun apricot T-shirt and their cow-cowls buffs. There was also a few runners in fancy dress and inflatable costumes.


To join the UK tourist group, runners need to have completed 20 different parkruns anywhere in the world.

Here’s the day in figures:

  • Our 50 awesome volunteers ensured the visitors felt Bramley parkrun love. 
  • 224 athletes ran, jogged & walked across the finish line. 
  • Bramley parkrun welcomed an awesome 100 first timers and had seven inspirational people who completed their first ever parkrun. 
  • 46 different running clubs were represented.  
  • Well done to all 27 people who gained a personal best. 
  • Congratulations to Chloe Hall, who completed her 25th parkrun and 25th volunteering role. 
  • Congratulations goes to Richard Smith (Sowerby Bridge Snails) on completing his 50th parkrun. 
  • Well done to Richard Barrowdale on completing his 200th parkrun. 
  • Happy Birthday James Leach, who completed his 270th parkrun. 

New volunteers are always welcome q=and will be buddied up with experienced helpers to begin with. Volunteering is a great way to connect with your local community and you can be shown what to do on the day.

If you are interested in volunteering four times a year, every six weeks or every week – a little and often volunteering will help us keep things running smoothly please get in touch, plus you can claim volunteer milestone t-shirts at 25, 100, 250 & 500 completed events. 


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