Video: Armley Junk-tion volunteers at Kirkgate Market


A new video posted on YouTube details the work of volunteers at pay as you feel café Armley Junktion.

The video, by Armley resident Christina Simantiri, features a series of photographs featuring the volunteers intercepting food for re-use from Leeds Kirkgate Market and Leeds University Union.

The Real Junk Food Project provides meals made from waste food diverted from landfill at Armley Junktion.

Customers at the café pay how much they think their meal is worth and those that can’t afford to buy meals from the cafe can volunteer their services to earn meals.

The idea came from Yorkshire chef Adam Smith who became preoccupied with the growing problem of wasted food after spending a year working on farms in Australia.

The volunteers who work at the PAYF café go out and gather unwanted food from shops and restaurants and then whip up meals from what their collections. The menu changes daily depending on the food gathered that day.

Check out the video below:


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