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Two more Leeds bus strikes for July 8 and 11

Two more Leeds bus strikes have been announced today by members of the Unite Union.

Around 1,000 First bus workers at the Bramley and Hunslet Park depots plan a 24-hour strike from 2am on Friday, July 8 and a six-hour strike from 4am on Monday, July 11.

Up to three quarters of bus service in Leeds could be affected by the strike and roads will be be busier than normal. Some services on main routes will operate an hourly service.

Unite claims the bus workers operating out of the Bramley and Hunslet Park depots in Leeds are among the lowest paid in First Bus’s Yorkshire operations with colleagues in Halifax earning up to £2 an hour more.

Paul Matthews, managing director of First Leeds, said:

“To try and bring this dispute to an end we’ve offered a revised deal, again providing a substantial pay increase way above inflation, that Unite have refused to put to all drivers for their consideration.

“Yet again this will mean our customers will suffer because of this unnecessary action by Unite.

“I will continue to do all I can to resolve the dispute but I won’t be forced to introduce a pay increase which the company cannot afford and would push fares up for customers.”

The strike days are the third and fourth to be announced by Unite.


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