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Twitter reacts in anger to ‘Kirkstall Heron’ shooting

People on social media have reacted with anger and sadness after a popular heron was found shot dead.

The ‘Kirkstall Heron’, as it was known, had been a popular feature of the area for the past 15 years. Its body was found shot in Burley Goit on Tuesday morning, sparking local anger on social networking site Twitter:

Police say the bird had been shot once by someone using an air rifle.

Anybody with information can contact PC Turner or PCSO Poole at Pudsey Police Station via 101, quoting crime number 13170082364.


  1. Often see one just beyond Rodley where I have my little boat. Not usually mean spirited but I hope Karma does something truly horrific to the person who shot this defenceless bird.

  2. I’ll tell you what’s fucking distressing. Watching these ‘beautiful’ birds snatching ducklings away from their mother and swallowing them whole.


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