Trick or treat trail brings families together in Burley

Trailblazer Trick or Treat Trail

Don’t miss out on tickets for this year’s Trailblazer Trick or Treat Trail, writes Josie Armitage.

This year’s event will take place from 7pm-9pm on Saturday 26th October at Hanover Square Park, Burley, just behind Leeds City College, Park Lane Campus off Burley Road.

The last one attracted 600 people, families and children who all came together to have a magical Halloween night.

The trail was the idea of Antony Newby, owner of Bramley-based Trailblazer Fitness.  Mr Newby said:

“Five years ago I had another one of my crazy ideas. Instead of kids going trick or treating knocking on strangers’ doors, why don’t we get hundreds of families together on one little park and celebrate Halloween together to give the kids a night to remember, to add some magic to Halloween. And that’s what we did!”

The trail will include amazing structures and games, all created by volunteers.  There are too many to mention but here is a taster:

  • Spider wall’ between the trees that people can stand in front of for a photo opportunity.
  • ‘Bat cave’ with handmade bats hanging from the branches.  Families are encouraged to make bats to support the volunteers to be able to create the cave.
  • ‘Spider tunnel’ covered in web and spiders.  Children will be invited to walk through in order to receive sweets at the end for their bravery.
  • ‘Zombie battle zone’ with an assault course set up so children can run, climb and crawl through avoiding being caught by the zombies.
  • The ‘Graveyard’ with tombstones hand crafted by volunteers.  There will be bones lying around and children will search amongst the leaves and bones for hidden sweets.

Fairground type activities including:

  • ‘Spooky Hoopla’ where children have to throw glowing rings around the glowing bottles.
  • ‘Tin can alley’ where children have to knock down all of the spooky painted cans with beanbags for sweet prizes
  • ‘Witches stew’ which will be a huge tub of green goo and gloop (spaghetti) for children to roll up their sleeves and dig around to find eyeballs which they will be able to trade in for sweets.

There will be new attractions this year as well!  This includes ‘Sweet operation’ (go along to the trail to find out), best Halloween costume and best decorated pumpkin.

Antony said:

“The kids absolutely loved the last trail. Everyone was dressed up in their favourite Halloween costumes and we decorated the full park.

“We didn’t just decorate the park, we wired up a sound system around the park to play spooky background music. We had spot lights and lighting around the park to give it an authentic spooky feel.  

“This year is going to be even better! We will be adding more attractions for the kids, more fun and more games and we promise that it is going to be the best Halloween ever for the kids… and adults too of course. “

You are invited to get involved in helping make this event a success:

  • Volunteers are needed to help set up on the day and look after the activities on the night. 
  • Families are invited to decorate their own pumpkins at a pumpkin carving workshop before the event or bring these along to the event.  There will be a best pumpkin competition.
  • Families are encouraged to make bats for the ‘Bat Cave’.
  • Provide donations of sweets

Danielle Middleton, fitness instructor at Trailblazer Fitness said:

“We need sweets!!!! We rely heavily on donations of sweets, Halloween decorations and pumpkins to keep ticket costs down and make this event as accessible for people as possible.

“There will be a big sweet donation bin down at Underground Fitness Club for you to bring a bag of sweets down on your next visit or you can arrange a separate time with me, Antony or Bradley for a time that’s convenient for you to bring them to us or for us to collect them from you.”

Tickets cost £3.75 each (to cover postage) and are available from the Trailblazer website.


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