Travellers told to move on from Bramley, but set up in Stanningley Park

bramley fall park
Bid: Bramley Fall Park. Photo: Jill Stocks

A group of travellers have been served notice to move on after setting up camp in Bramley, writes Jill Buckley.

Reports circulated on Facebook of the arrival of the group just after 9pm on Wednesday. They had gained access to the rugby pitches next to Bramley Fall Woods, off Pollard Lane.

Bramley and Stanningley councillors were quick to respond, posting on Facebook to express their disappointment on hearing of the trespassing and that, after liaising with senior council officers and the police, a section 61 notice would be issued the following morning.

Travellers in Bramley. Photo: Jill Buckley

Section 61s grant police the power to remove two or more persons and their vehicles trespassing on the identified land.

The notice said they had to leave by 5pm on the Thursday evening.

West Leeds Dispatch visited the site not long after this and found the travellers to still be there. One of the members told us they were from Ireland and had come over to visit friends using the area as a stop off on their way back. The travellers It was reported locally that they did leave shortly after this.

However Councillor Kevin Ritchie then posted on Facebook later that evening reporting that the group had moved to Stanningley:

“Having seen where the travellers have moved to on Stanningley Park, again on a marked sports pitch, we will again be requesting s61 enforcement is undertaken.”

As well as the area around Bramley Fall Woods being popular with local residents for recreation Bramley Rugby League Juniors use the pitches to train and play. They say they will be unable to do so until the area is inspected for glass, shrapnel or any other potentially harmful objects.


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