Tower blocks tenants set for renewable energy scheme – and lower bills

Wortley Heights Towers
Can you help develop the community of New Wortley? Photo: John Baron/

Tower blocks in West Leeds will be among 1,151 flats across the city to benefit from an eco-friendly heating and hot water system which will also save tenants money.

Moor Grange Court and Norman Towers in Kirkstall and Wortley Heights and Towers in New Wortley have been earmarked by Leeds council as the latest recipients of ground source heat pumps.

The pumps use renewable energy by using pipes that are buried underground to extract heat from the ground. 

A council report authorising the move says energy usage will be reduced by 30% in each flat, reducing fuel poverty and improving the efficiency and quality of homes for residents. 

Carbon emissions for each block could be reduced by 70% each year.

Councillors on the decision-making executive board will next Wednesday consider the measures as part of a wider package of housing improvements across Leeds.

The full executive board agenda can be read in full here.

Previous tower blocks to benefit from the scheme include Queenswood Heights and Queenswood Court in Kirkstall, Heights West, Heights East, Westerly Croft and Westerly Rise in Armley and Rycroft Green, Rycroft Towers, Rycroft Court and Rycroft Place in Swinnow.


  1. Very expensive to install,boreholes and ground to be dug up with no trees above and only last about 20 years..who is going to pay for this.?If there is money for this.Every home should be helped with heating costs.If you have a small garden these are not viable and if you have a garden would you like it dug up? Do they really save heating costs in England?


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