These eight West Leeds projects have received council funding


Councillors on the Inner West Community Committee have approved funding for a raft of community activities and projects – from Christmas lights in Armley and Kirkstall, to an urban music project in Bramley.

Councillors from the Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards met at Leeds Civic Hall to decide where to allocate money from their annual budget. Successful bids included:

£8,482 to Armley Winter Wonderland festive lights switch on, which will be held on 4 December 2021, between 3pm and 7pm. 

This will involve closing Armley Town Street to traffic, managing the traffic through the use of barriers, placing a stage, as well as providing on street and on stage entertainment. 

£4,548 to Kirkstall Village Action Group for the Kirkstall Festive Lights Display.

£1,460 towards a project to tackle bike thefts in the Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards. 

Councillors heard there had been 148 reported pedal cycle thefts across the wards in the past 12 months – and research suggests three times as many are stolen as are actually reported to the police.

Police will run a series of advice sessions on bike safety and security and will buy 1,000 Selectamark products to be fitted to cycles, meaning if a stolen bicycle is recovered, police can identify the owner.

The meeting will also see councillors discuss the climate emergency and winter, wo similar events being successfully held in Rodley earlier this year.

£177.22 for a grit bin on Burley Hill Drive, which links the two major roads of Burley Road and Kirkstall Road.

£2,100 to the Fairfield Urban Music Project, a pilot arts-based project in Bramley, targeting young people in the Fairfield area who are at risk of ASB or crime.

£950 to Armley Repurposing Workshops. Run by Open Source Arts and Leeds City Council, Armley residents can learn DIY techniques to up-cycle small pieces of furniture and clothing with a view to promote sustainability and avoid unnecessary waste.

£444 for lights on Bramley’s Christmas tree.

Since the last Community Committee meeting in September 2021, two projects projects have been considered and approved by officers using delegated powers:

£1,450 for Armley Park Lantern Parade, by Friends of Armley and Gotts Park and £1,687.50 to the Art Camp Half Term Project, run by Art Camp UK in Kirkstall.

The community committee is made up of councillors from Kirkstall, Armley and Bramley & Stanningley wards, alongside co-opted members of the public.

Check out the agenda here.


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